Sapiens vs. Neanderthalensis; the first Us vs. Them?

The New York Times Sunday Magazine just published a fascinating, multi-layered piece that starts by examining current scientific views on Homo Neanderthalensis and ongoing research into these being’s morphology, evolution, history, cultural achievements and relationship to Homo Sapiens.  But author Jon Mooallem takes his reporting as an opportunity to look into how religion played into the formulation of both popular and scientific view of this species over the past 150 odd years, how imperialism-fueled racism additionally impacted developing conceptions of these beings and perhaps – how all this relates to still extant attitudes towards ethnic and sexual minorities, legal and illegal immigration, et cetera. Needless to stay a thought-provoking read… especially for those who believe that this planet was literally created some 6000 years ago.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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