Sacred Kink in Baltimore, April 26-28

Educator Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is an internationally known spiritual and erotic authenticity educator, gender explorer, eclectic artist and award-winning author and editor on erotic and sacred experience. He’s been traveling the globe teaching and talking about sexuality, psychology, faith and desire, and believes you deserve passion and connection in your life. Lee has been a passion instigator, academic, adult film performer, world class sexual adventurer, outspoken philosopher, polytheist priest/ess, kink/bondage expert, and has been blogging about sex and spirit since 1998. Starting the evening of Friday, April 26, he will share his knowledge in a three-day intensive; sex magicians looking to expand their communication and shared trust will want to participate.

According to promotional materials:

During the course of this three day immersive intensive, we will explore the Eightfold Paths of Sacred Kink through hands-on practices, hearts-open exercises, and rituals of energetic engagement. This weekend experience is a chance to awake the skin, embrace our breath, arouse creativity, laugh loud, purge pain, and release rhythm. We will further develop our natural abilities in an intimate group setting, learning how others have been traversing their erotic journeys as well. 

A loose schedule of events is coming soon. Preregistration is required. Want to learn more?

Three Days of Initiatory Experience with Author and Spiritual and Erotic Authenticity Educator Lee Harrington.



  1. This guy has written a book on age play, aka, pedophilia, and shouldn’t be advertised on USGL’s official blog. I would recommend against a Lodge hosting him but I guess this is up to them.

    Again, we should not be advertising for someone who has written a book on age play on this channel. This is not the “work of the Order” I support. Gross.

    • Dear K,

      Thanks for reaching out. I am sorry to hear that you feel this blog is advertising anyone who would support pedophilia, and I assure you that we would never knowingly do so. Age play is not pedophilia, but rather a form of fantasy roleplay like any other — cop/robber, royal/servant, headmaster/student, etc. — between CONSENTING ADULTS. I’m happy to find you reliable sources of information about the topic if you care to see them.

      As a quick and dirty source, even Urban Dictionary, well known for its less than polite definitions, notes that Age Play is a practice between CONSENTING ADULTS:

      “Age play is the term for consenting adults who roleplay in some way pertaining to age. Sometimes this is ‘infantilism’, which is adults acting as babies. There are all ages. this can also include schoolgirl or schoolboy with headmaster or headmistress, and every conceivable age in between. Consensuality is key, and let me stress again this is ADULTS – it has nothing whatsoever to do with anyone under the age of consenting adult.”

      It is true that some people appear to confuse age play with pedophilia, but they are not the same thing — any more than my playing cops and robbers with a partner would mean I was impersonating an officer. As another example, I hear men refer to each other as “daddies,” and that doesn’t mean they are advocating incest, either.

      Zero Equals Two publishes three blog posts a day on topics that may be of interest to initiates and friends of Ordo Templi Orientis and other Thelemites. In writing about these topics, we are reporting about them. Speaking as one of the writers I can’t say that everything about which I write is necessarily my bag. I do hope to get information out there and to get people informed and educated, though.



  2. 93
    I have dabbled off and on in the kink scene for years and wondered about the exploration of heightened states and deepening levels of awareness of self. It would seem that in a sacred setting, there is tremendous potential. Thank you, Stephanie, for highlighting this event. I think this will be an amazing event to experience.

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