Fundraiser To Cover Genesis P-Orridge Surgery editor-in-chief Jason Louv recently posted about a fundraiser to offset the costs of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s current hospital stay, necessitated by a serious blockage of her lungs. Jason says:

“Genesis P-Orridge has been admitted to the hospital and faces a serious surgery to clear her lungs. She needs your help.

“As you likely know, Genesis P-Orridge has been battling leukemia for the last year. A few days ago, she was admitted to the hospital, as she was unable to breathe without oxygen. Gen’s lungs have become blocked with fluid, which her doctors had previously attempted to remove with a suction needle. This failed, as the fluid has become too viscous and thick. Gen now needs to undergo full surgery to clean out her lungs—a serious and potentially life-threatening procedure.

“It is very likely that without Genesis, occulture and the widespread interest in magick simply wouldn’t exist. Gen’s decades-spanning work in liberating consciousness is why occulture exists as a social movement, rather than the activity of a few isolated individuals. That includes everything from creating industrial music in the early 1970s and championing acid house in the 1980s, to popularizing Austin Spare’s sigil method, advancing Burroughs and Gysin’s occult methods for breaking social control, and forming Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth to liberate magick from the British establishment and bring it to working class people around the world. These are all activities for which Gen already paid a high price, culminating with being forced into exile from Britain in 1991.

“Today, Gen made a request on Instagram for you to send compassionate and healing energy to her to assist in the success of her surgery, as well as visualizing her surgeons succeeding in cleaning out her lungs. She has also requested that you visualize her girlfriend Susana Atkins smiling and happy tonight, after the surgery. If you can, please take a few moments this morning and throughout the day to visualize the success of Gen’s surgery and her return to health.

“Gen currently lives on little to no money. Despite her incalculable contributions to culture, esoteric transgression does not pay a pension or provide a safety net. She faces mounting medical bills and is plowed under by day to day expenses. Outside of occasional DJ or band gigs (which she is no longer healthy enough to do), she has no income. This means that she is currently living only on donations. And this, to the great shame of our society and its values, is the same position that similar esoteric titans like Robert Anton Wilson and Sasha Shulgin were reduced to at the end of their lives. As our ever-growing occulture (or, as I hope it continually becomes, Ultraculture) matures, it is my great hope that we can do better by our elders.

“Thank you for your caring and compassion (as Gen would say, Big L-ov-E), and I’m hoping to share news of Gen’s speedy recovery with you all very soon.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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