Robert Buratti Commissioned to Create Art/Projections for The Tea Party Tour

Robert Buratti, member of OTO Australia’s Art Guild “Collective 777” reports on FB that he’s been commissed to create a series of art pieces and projections by the rock group The Tea Party to be utilized in their upcoming tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of their album “The Edges of Twilight.” He says:

To celebrate the anniversary of the iconic rock album, “Edges of Twilight” the boys from The Tea Party (Official) have commissioned me to create a series of 12 drawings and 12 short film projections – one for each track on the album. The finished projections will form a huge stage backdrop for the international anniversary tour which kicks off on 4th September in Canada, making its way across the planet. Selected images will also find themselves part of special tour merchandise, prints and other goodies.

It’s a lot of work, but what an opportunity!! Thanks so much to Stuart Chatwood, Jeff Burrows and Jeff Martin (Official) for throwing such a cool project at me.

I’ll be posting the concept drawings one by one over the coming weeks and would love to hear how people have personally been affected by this amazing album – all of it will fuel the other drawings to come – but if you want to see the projections and films, you’ll just have to buy a ticket to the best rock gig happening this year. Tickets are now on sale for the Canadian tour at

Ok, first up is:

“Fire in the Head (Edges of Twilight)”
pen and ink on paper
40 x 30cm

“Silent, knowing, always in time.
See how this love stays divine…”

Buratti tea party 1

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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