Ritual For A Living Future

Ritualist/artist (former Chrome keyboardist) Monet Clark has announced a new virtual exhibit:
“You are invited to Ritual For A Living Future a special 3D virtual exhibition I’ve curated as part of the 4 day virtual conference Living Future21, put on by the International Living Future Institute. I will be giving a short taped presentation at 11:45am PST tomorrow 4/20/2021 where I will present my artists and discuss Gaia Theory, and the parallels between my recent health struggles and disrupted body systems due to the neuroimmune illness Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illness and the disrupted and ill ecosystems of our planet.
“A special $20 day pass is available for tomorrow only, click REGISTER and select Living Product Expo Day Pass


“Living Future21 TUESDAY, APRIL 20 – FRIDAY, APRIL 23
Ritual for a Living Future 3D Art Exhibition Curated by Monet Clark Featuring a new performance video work by Monet Clark with Gaia/technology and design theorist Brenda Laurel also titled Ritual For A Living Future exploring Gaia Hypothesis; the indigenous futurism of Cannupa Hanska Luger’s We Live, Future Ancestral Technologies Entry Log; one of history interventionist and artist Hock e Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds’ large scale screen print/ghost print works Our Red Races Were Always Green; the community activism WE DO SOMETHING a performance video work by the Institute for Cultural Activism’s John DiLeva Halpern and Emily Harris; and the mystic surrealism of Penny Slinger’s Metamorphosis, a digital performance based photographic collage and poem.This show explores Gaia Theory, community, intention, self-healing, indigenous perspective, and confronts systemic denial regarding the casualties of the commerce of toxic substances, all as tools for the building of a living future.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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