Right Wing Publications and Groups Keep Denigrating O.T.O. and Crowley

Every individual has a right to their own political views including the editors and contributors to Right Wing publications and organizations:

Daily Mail: 

“Plans to turn the former home of the ‘wickedest man in the world’ Aleister Crowley into holiday lodges have sparked fears it could become a Satanist pilgrimage site.

Plans have been submitted to turn Boleskine House, on the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland, into 10 holiday ‘twin units’ with guided tours of the grounds.

“But objectors to the development say they are worried for children and vulnerable adults in the area and fear it will ‘become a major Satanic temple.’

“He founded an occult religious movement named Thelema and styled himself as a prophet…

“Crowley, who called himself The Beast 666 and had his teeth filed into fangs, was known to drink blood and stage huge orgies fuelled by heroin and cocaine…

“Objector Naomi King said she is worried that if the development goes ahead ‘the place will become a major Satanic temple and a hub for Satanist abusers from across the world to visit’… “

[please note the worries re: children – it could be presumed that the worry is that they’ll be snatched, sexually abused and murdered ritualistically by admirers of the Prophet of the Lovely Star – but admittedly I’m speculating]

You should of course not content yourself with reading excerpts:


Meanwhile the Inverness Courier reports:

The Fresh Start Foundation, which bills itself as a Scottish not for profit group helping child sexual abuse victims and survivors, has also contacted the Courier to allege the foundation is a front for the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) – a Satanist organisation.

“OTO is said to be the secret society that occultist Aleister Crowley led in the early 1900s.”

Again, don’t just read my excerpts:


No one questions anyone’s right to subscribe to the beliefs of groups like the Fresh Start Foundation or the Daily Mail – that O.T.O is a “Satanist organization” that groups concerned with child sex abuse should be targeting.

So what’s your stance on O.T.O. and the involvement of its membership in such behavior?



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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