Conspiracy Theorists Claim Lady Gaga Is A Witch – USA Today Disagrees

USA Today – a center-right national daily newspaper  – decided to address conspiracy theorists’ claim that the musical artist, Lady Gaga, is a “witch.”

“The claim: Lady Gaga, a Biden supporter, practices witchcraft

“On the eve of the 2020 election several artists took the Biden-Harris campaign stage in a final plea for support from their fan bases. The next morning adversaries rekindled old, QAnon-adjacent conspiracy theories to discredit Lady Gaga’s political outcry. The common theme: Gaga is a witch.

“One Facebook user called Gaga “a high ranking witch in the music industry,” referencing her relationship with Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic.

“The same post highlighted the slogan ‘Battle for the soul of the nation’ as evidence that Gaga was involved in something sinister. The Biden-Harris claim has been using that slogan since August. The slogan is not specific to Gaga, who only joined in campaign efforts on Nov. 2, and cannot prove that the star is a involved with satanism.”

But don’t trust my excerpts – read the whole story.

The takeaway here being that to RWCT’s occultists are BAD. Maybe you agree.

PS I think they’re confusing her with Lana Del Ray.

Thanks to the new Deputy Public Information Officer for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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