Preparing for the Reception of the Torah

“Eight Hours ‘Round Midnight” is an extended meditation by John Schott on Thelonious Monk’s immortal ballad, “Round Midnight,” a bebop staple interpreted by a wide range of artists including Miles Davis who made it the title of the album featuring this number, an album recorded with his renowned Quintet featuring John Coltrane on sax. This was a part of last year’s “DAWN” festival, done online for obvious reasons. The posted description says:

“DAWN is Reboot’s all-night culture and arts festival celebrating the Jewish calendar’s best-kept secret – Shavuot. DAWN offered 36 hours of music, film, comedy, dance, food and teaching across multiple channels. Find out more at Reboot produced this year’s “choose-your-own” experiential adventure in partnership with the Jewish Emergent Network and LABA’s Into the Night Tikkun Layle Shavuot.”

Have a look/listen:

As the posted description notes that Shavuot is little known outside of the Jewish community, perhaps some explanation is in order:

“This holiday marks the completion of the seven-week counting period between the holidays of Passover and Shavuot. During these seven weeks, the Jewish people cleansed themselves of the scars of Egyptian slavery and became a holy nation, ready to enter an eternal covenant with G-d with the giving of the Torah.

“The evolution from the mindset of slavery to becoming a free people was a complicated process. The journey from slavery to freedom required an intense cultural change as well. A slave’s mind and body are entirely under the domination of another. We were freed with what is now Passover, but it took the passage of time for us to reach Mt. Sinai- literally and figuratively. It took an epic journey — with setbacks and mistakes along the way — for our ancestors to change as individuals and as a people. Only after we began to incorporate our sense of self as a free people could we be given the Torah.”

Read the whole magilla:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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