Pray to Satan in a Catholic Church

Here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s Magick Monday newsletter. Juicy stuff!

“Gentile Cimitri was a fairly well known healer that was executed in Bologna for Diabolism in 1498. Demonic magic was quite popular in Italy during the Renaissance and we know from church records that many Carmelites and Franciscans were involved in the practice. Carmelites argued that simply engaging in Demonic Magic did not equate to Diabolism itself, and defended the practice. Men, especially clergy, of course were rarely executed or even punished severaly when they were held accountable at all. Women did not fare so well. According to her confessions she was taught by Franciscans to go to the altar of St Michael at the Church of San Francisco and call upon the Devil by lighting candles in front of the devil being vanquished under the foot of Michael.

“Though I am not a Satanist, Lucifer does occupy an important place in Cyprianic work, so I did this myself at a local Church that had a state of St Michael. I was struck by the juxtaposition of Christ’s suffering on the cross, and Lucifer’s suffering under archangelic torture . They are both sacrifices in their way. Christ’s for salvation from sin, and Satan’s for freedom from oppression.

“I lit a candle, and also offered some water to the mouth of Satan, and Oil to his head. Once I did, Satan no longer looked like he was in the middle of being dominated by Michael. He looked like he was rising up…

“If you want to make a similar offering, find a church that has a statue of Michael trampling the devil. Kneel as if you are praying to the Arcgangel. No one need hear the words you whisper…

“As the Christians come here to pray to an image of Christs sacrifice for salvation
So I come to honor this image of Lucifer’s great sacrifice for freedom.
Oh Devil, the Christians see you trampled beneath the feet of Michael
But in your visage I see your unconquerable soul.
Lifting up against the boot and the spear.
Here in this den of tyranny
I take my secret refuge.
May the nimbleness of your night wings whisk you where angels cannot follow
May your Horns pierce Michael’s side as you throw off your oppressor
May your struggling visage transform into and expression of victorious pride.
Oh Lucifer. You who rises up against those who would force us all to kneel
As I lift water to your lips and annoint your head
Please help me in my own struggles  ….

here list your prayer for intercession of knowledge….

I take refuge in the Devil, fallen for freedoms sake
I take refuge in the Witchcraft, path of wisdom made power
I take refuge in the Damned, cast out, fallen, and forsaken

May all beings have freedom and the causes of freedom
May all beings be free from slavery and the causes of suffering
May all beings enjoy the freedom that knows no slavery
May all beings live deliciously, free from ignorance and oppression.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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