Final PantheaCon Being Held February 14-17 in San Jose

February 14 -17 will see the 26th and FINAL PantheaCon being mounted. It’s being held at the San Jose Doubletree Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose CA. The site says:

“PantheaCon is held in San Jose, California over President’s Day weekend each year. We are a conference for Pagans, Heathens, Indigenous Non-European and many of diverse beliefs Over 2000 people attend more than 200 presentations that range from rituals to workshops and from classes to concerts. In additions to fabulous Vendor hall, many diverse groups host Hospitality rooms for meet and greets. Established in 1994 it is currently the largest Pagan gathering and convention  in the world.”

“This year in 2020 will be the 26th and Final PantheaCon. I once had a vision of the many tribes of Earth religions and neo-pagans coming together to network and share our varied views of spirituality. That vision came true for many years, but as time passed it grew bigger and the viewpoints diverged. I still hope PantheaCon has been of benefit to many individuals who met like-minded friends at it.”

Preliminary Schedule for PantheaCon 2020 (12.5.19)

“This is the first draft of the Schedule. It does not include the scheduling for the extra wine rooms we have this year, and the
program for Monday is also not very complete yet. We will be adding new events as the usual number drop out. If you do not see your
event offering here, it’s because we have not contacted all those who might be on the WAIT LIST. Some Wait Listed events will be
added as need arises. All declined events will be notified in the next few weeks.”

Friday 11 am Fir/Oak Glenn Turner & friends Opening Ritual
Friday 1:30 pm Pine Elysia Gallo Pagan Speed Friending
Friday 1:30 pm San Carlos Vicki Ralls Upcycling for fun and profit
Friday 1:30 pm San Jose/Santa Clara jaymi elford Journaling the Tarot
Friday 1:30 pm San Martin Temple of Growth Advancement
(TOGA) Poly-Pantheism: Evolving With The Gods
Friday 3:30 pm Carmel/Monterey Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero The Tree of Life Within
Friday 3:30 pm Cedar Astrea Taylor Self-Love Ritual With Aphrodite
Friday 3:30 pm Fir/Oak Selena Fox Circle for Planet Earth
Friday 3:30 pm San Carlos Thiasos Olympikos The Spiritual Spectrum of the Hellenes
Friday 3:30 pm San Jose/Santa Clara Marcus Keys Road Opening- Changing life patterns and growing new roads
Friday 3:30 pm San Martin Sylvia Wolfe Exploring The Elements – children’s mini altar workshop
Friday 3:30 pm San Simeon Lasara Firefox Allen and Kanyon Sayers-Roods Breaking the Gender Binary
Friday 3:30 pm Silicon Valley Naomi CopperJet Women’s Spirituality: History and Common Practices
Friday 7 pm Riesling Jack Richards & Kevin Conner Serenity First – Pagans in Recovery
Friday 7 pm Carmel/ Monterey Lon Milo DuQuette Lon Milo DuQuette In Concert
Friday 7 pm Cedar Trees and Stars Invisible Ritual – Shadow Walking on the Dance Floor

Friday 7 pm Fir/Oak Alexander James Adams Magical Music w/the Faerie Tale Minstrel
Friday 7 pm San Carlos M. Macha NightMare Has Paganism Gone Mainstream?
Friday 7 pm San Jose/ Santa Clara Diana Rajchel Divination of the Cities
Friday 7 pm San Martin Katrina Rasbold The Limpia: Cleansing the Mind, Body, & Spirit
Friday 7 pm San Simeon Michael R. Gorman Natural Wisdom: W.W.T.T.S.? The Question We Should Always Ask
Friday 7 pm Silicon Valley A Collective of Pagans of Color POC Caucus
Friday 9 pm Carmel/Monterey Spiral Muse Voice of the Sacred Witch – the Music of Spiral Muse
Friday 9 pm Cedar Black Rose Witchcraft The Passion of Aradia
Friday 9 pm Fir/Oak Hexenfest Sharon Knight and Winter Concert
Friday 9 pm San Carlos House of Danu Storytelling: The Ancestral Gift
Friday 9 pm San Jose/Santa Clara Tandemonium How to Wear a Spell
Friday 9 pm Silicon Valley Misha Magdalene A Queerness of Divinity
Friday 11 pm Cedar MASC The Prophecy and Ascendance of Lord Dionysus
Friday 11 pm Fir/Oak Don Schulz Introduction to the Drum Circle
Friday 11 pm San Martin Jenya T. Beachy A Ritual of the Deep Well and the Sacred Grove
Friday 11 pm Silicon Valley Evelie Delfino Såles Posch Babaylan Shamanic & Sonic Indigenous Healing with Evelie

Saturday 9 am Carmel/ Monterey Tempest The Art of Sigil Witchery
Saturday 9 am Cedar Lisa J. Hamlin The Power of Yoga – Energy and Healing
Saturday 9 am Oak Shannon McLeran Grounding & Shielding: Energetic Protection
Saturday 9 am San Jose/ Santa Clara Elysia Gallo and Judika Illes Getting Published: A Book Proposal Workshop 3
Saturday 9 am San Juan/ San Carlos Randy Conner The Pagan Heart of the West
Saturday 9 am San Martin/ San Simeon Amber K Unfamiliar Gods: Divine Allies You’ve Never Heard Of
Saturday 9 am Silicon Valley Indigenous Ohlone & Allies Ask A Native
Saturday 11am Carmel/ Monterey Mary Greer A Jungian Approach to Tarot
Saturday 11am Cedar Christopher Penczak Magickal Mandrake with Christopher Penczak & Stephanie Grimassi
Saturday 11am Oak Devin Hunter and Mat Auryn The Familiar Craft
Saturday 11am Pine Hexeba Theaux Attraction and Abundance
Saturday 11am San Jose/ Santa Clara Robert Podgurski The Body as Poem and Sigil
Saturday 11am San Juan/ San Carlos John Opsopaus Plethon: The First Neopagan
Saturday 11am San Martin/ San Simeon Patricia MIller Say it Sister…Finding your voice or presence in ritual
Saturday 11am Silicon Valley Diane J. Johnson, Ph.D. Gratitude and Release: Making Room for Transitions & the Future
Saturday 1:30 pm Riesling Mark Green Non-Theist Paganism: A Component of Our Community
Saturday 1:30 pm Carmel/ Monterey Tomas Prower Unearthing La Santa Muerte: Mexico’s Macabre Phenomenon
Saturday 1:30 pm Cedar Elegwen O’Maoileoin (Frater R.C.) W.B.Yeats’s Hermetic Order of Celtic Mysteries
Saturday 1:30 pm Fir/Oak Selena Fox Brigid Healing Ritual
Saturday 1:30 pm Pine Jason Mankey What’s So Great About the Great Rite?
Saturday 1:30 pm San Jose/ Santa Clara Dree Amandi Aromatherapy Magick – Spellcraft 4
Saturday 1:30 pm San Juan/ San Carlos Charles Ho & Meghan D’Amore Qi Wan: a Chinese Reconstructionist Rite (with Martial Arts!)
Saturday 1:30 pm San Martin/ San Simeon Havalah Collins Sistership Circle- gather to love, connect, and empower!
Saturday 1:30 pm Silicon Valley Radical Faeries Trans* Caucus
Saturday 3:30 pm Riesling Innocent Tanuki the Wise Death Cafe
Saturday 3:30 pm Carmel/ Monterey Joe Perez La Llorona: Justice for the Weeping Woman
Saturday 3:30 pm Cedar Jane Meredith Seven Gates – A Dark Goddess Ritual
Saturday 3:30 pm Fir/Oak Anglesey Druid Order Reaching for the Future – a Druid Bardic Ritual
Saturday 3:30 pm San Jose/ Santa Clara JoHanna Hill 11th Annual Pantheacon Clothing Swap
Saturday 3:30 pm San Juan/ San Carlos Denny Sargent (Aion 131) The Horus-Maat Lodge, Global Magick and Rituals
Saturday 3:30 pm San Martin/ San Simeon Starhawk Eco-Magical Activism
Saturday 3:30 pm Silicon Valley Patrick Califia Gender and Magic
Saturday 7 pm Riesling Jack Richards & Kevin Conner Serenity First – Pagans in Recovery
Saturday 7 pm Carmel/ Monterey Celia Farran Celia Farran in Concert
Saturday 7 pm Cedar Storm Faerywolf The Sabbatic Dreaming
Saturday 7 pm Fir/Oak DevaGnosis Dance Elemental – Ecstatic Journey
Saturday 7 pm San Jose/ Santa Clara Reclaiming All Ages Family Camp Style Ritual & Workshop
Saturday 7 pm San Juan/ San Carlos Danielle Dionne Divination with the Dead
Saturday 7 pm San Martin/ San Simeon Sidney Eileen Non-Binary Ritual 5
Saturday 7 pm Silicon Valley Soror Madimi Pagans and Psychotherapy: How to Self-Advocate
Saturday 9 pm Carmel/ Monterey Two Magical Merlin Harps Two Magical Merlin Harps
Saturday 9 pm Cedar Mysteries of Samhain Ritual for the Unquiet Dead
Saturday 9 pm Fir/Oak O’Craven O’Craven Celtic . Pirate . Rock
Saturday 9 pm San Jose/ Santa Clara Don Schulz Drum Making Playshop! Make your own shamanic drum.
Saturday 9 pm San Juan/ San Carlos Temple of Our Lady Death A Mass to Santa Muerte: veneration and prayer
Saturday 9 pm San Martin/ San Simeon RARAS project Invoking America’s Mighty Dead
Saturday 9 pm Silicon Valley Ivan Richmond Inanna and Dumuzi Procession
Saturday 11 pm Carmel/ Monterey Alexander James Adams Reclaiming Warlock
Saturday 11 pm Cedar Jason Mankey A Dion Fortune Ritual For Isis & Pan
Saturday 11 pm Fir/Oak Jim Barker & Madame Pamita Studio 78: Disco Divination Party
Saturday 11 pm San Juan/ San Carlos Healiopolis Baphomet: Divine Androgyne

Sunday 9 am Carmel/ Monterey Gwion Raven The Magic Of Food– Rituals, Offerings, & Eating Together
Sunday 9 am Cedar Yoga with Steph Yoga Party
Sunday 9 am Fir/Oak Stephanie Grimassi What We Knew in the Night-Honoring Raven Grimassi
Sunday 9 am San Jose/ Santa Clara
Sunday 9 am San Juan/ San Carlos Azrael Arynn K and Amber K Magick and Myths of the Scottish Highlands and Islands 6
Sunday 9 am San Simeon Michele Arista Belly Dance as Language of the Goddess
Sunday 9 am Silicon Valley Debra DeAngelo The Elements of Horse Spirit
Sunday 11 am Riesling Ivan Richmond Men’s Spirituality
Sunday 11 am Carmel/ Monterey Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero The Magic of Light: The Golden Dawn Formula of Practical Magic
Sunday 11 am Cedar Sovereignty Workshops – Eric & Katrina Rasbold Uncrossing: The Art of Unscrewing Your Life
Sunday 11 am Fir/Oak Circle Sanctuary EcoActivists EcoActvism & Climate Change
Sunday 11 am Pine Hexeba Theaux Hoodoo Conjure Basics
Sunday 11 am San Jose/ Santa Clara Laura Perlin Tarot & the Ancestors
Sunday 11 am San Juan/ San Carlos Cyndi Brannen, PhD Hekate: Goddess of Our Time
Sunday 11 am San Simeon Starhawk & Evelie Delfino Sales Posch Chants for the Earth
Sunday 11 am Silicon Valley Ryan Smith 21st Century Norse Paganism
Sunday 1:30 pm Carmel/ Monterey Annwyn Avalon Practical Water Magic
Sunday 1:30 pm Cedar Christopher Penczak The Healing Isle
Sunday 1:30 pm Fir/Oak Lon Milo DuQuette Invocation: Your Magick Ain’t Magick Until You’ve Invoked
Sunday 1:30 pm San Jose/ Santa Clara Unicorn Scouts of Magicopia Good Day, Good Tornado – Families Weathering the Storm.
Sunday 1:30 pm San Juan/ San Carlos The House of Golden Isis Launching the Ship of Isis: A Rite to Welcome Spring
Sunday 1:30 pm San Martin Tempest Weave The Liminal: Crafting Authentic Witchcraft
Sunday 1:30 pm San Simeon Brandy Williams Goddess Thelema
Sunday 1:30 pm Silicon Vley Drew Ward Runes – An Introduction to the Elder Futhark 7
Sunday 3:30 pm Riesling Gina Lucariello Pluto Generations
Sunday 3:30 pm Carmel/ Monterey Theurgy Panel Theurgic Activism Panel
Sunday 3:30 pm Cedar Mary Greer Tarot Reading Circle
Sunday 3:30 pm Fir/Oak Kristoffer Hughes Cerridwen – Witch, Muse, Goddess
Sunday 3:30 pm San Jose/ Santa Clara Anastasia Haysler Bindrunes for Magical and Practical Purposes
Sunday 3:30 pm San Juan/ San Carlos Patrick Califia The Beloved
Sunday 3:30 pm San Martin Laura Perlin Shamanism, ‘Shamanism,’ and Cultural Appropriation
Sunday 3:30 pm San Simeon Tara Sanchez The Rites of Isis & Hekate – From Magician to Witch & Back
Sunday 3:30 pm Silicon Valley Jehon Grist, Ph.D. A Goddess for Every Need: Divine Feminine in Ancient Near East
Sunday 7 pm Riesling Jack Richards & Kevin Conner Serenity First – Pagans in Recovery
Sunday 7 pm Carmel/ Monterey Angus McMahan Pagan Humor 12: All the best bits from a dozen years!
Sunday 7 pm Cedar Celia Farran Laughter Magick
Sunday 7 pm Fir/Oak Evelie Delfino Sales Posch Evelie & Mahal in Concert
Sunday 7 pm San Jose/ Santa Clara joi wolfwomyn how to be a good ally
Sunday 7 pm San Juan/ San Carlos Crystal Blanton and Lasara Firefox Allen The Transitory Power of Goodbye
Sunday 7 pm San Martin/ San Simeon Rene Collins Magickal Qigong Awakening the Dragon
Sunday 7 pm Silicon Valley Daniel Gautier Ancient Greek Heroes & the Initatory Quest
Sunday 9 pm Carmel/ Monterey Tommie StarChild Getting Straight with Spirit 8
Sunday 9 pm Cedar No Bullshit Witchcraft Meet Me at the Crossroads
Sunday 9 pm Fir/Oak Avalon Rising Celtic Rock Concert with Avalon Rising
Sunday 9 pm San Jose/ Santa Clara Don Schulz Rattle Making Playshop
Sunday 9 pm San Juan/ San Carlos Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) Ár nDraíocht Féin Ritual for Peace
Sunday 9 pm San Martin/ San Simeon Mark Green Surviving the Trump Era as a Pagan
Sunday 9 pm Silicon Valley Clifford Hartleigh Low Big Money Magic
Sunday 11 pm Carmel/ Monterey Valerie Voigt Bardic Circle
Sunday 11 pm Cedar Spark Collective Raising Juicy Loving Energy for Life, Love, and Liberty
Sunday 11 pm Fir/Oak Sarah Astarte Dancing with Spirit: A Sacred Bellydance Show
Sunday 11 pm San Juan/ San Carlos Hailstone Fellowship Grasping the Hailstone
Sunday 11 pm San Martin/ San Simeon Healiopolis The Thelemic Mass

Monday 9 am Carmel/ Monterey Dr. Megan Rose Spirit Marriage: Cultivating a bonded relationship with spirits
Monday 9 am San Carlos Havalah Collins How to revive and grow Spiral Scouts for pagan children
Monday 9 am San Jose/ Santa Clara Conference use Monday Luggage storage space
Monday 9 am San Juan Psychedelic Pagans Collective Altared States of Paganism
Monday 9 am San Simeon Durgadas Allon Duriel Everyday Magic
Monday 11am Cedar Dakini Uma Amitabha Witness & Embody – Sacred Dance
Monday 11am Oak Shannon McLeran Psychic Development 101
Monday 11am San Carlos Terrie Wolfe Organizations and Consent: A Pagan’s Guide 9
Monday 11am San Jose/ Santa Clara Conference use Monday Luggage storage space – 2
Monday 11am San Juan Katherine Rita Interviews with the Morrigan:
Monday 11am San Martin Soror Velchanes Elemental Magic
Monday 11am San Simeon Janine Nelson Hoffman The Magick of Salt
Monday 11am Silicon Valley Jhenah Telyndru The Myths of Avalon: Reclaiming Morgan Le Fay
Monday 1:30 pm Fir/Oak Glenn Turner & friends Closing Ritual
Monday 1:30 pm San Jose/ Santa Clara Conference use Monday Luggage storage space – 3


  • $80  for the full conference at Onsite Registration.
  • One day attendance  is $40  Evening after 5pm is $20.
  • Monday is free

All children must be registered and have a Badge at the conference. Children between 6 and 14 are half-price,  children 5 and under are free.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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