Posthumous Publication of the Writings of Alobar Greywalker

Forbidden Alchemies of Frater PVN is a posthumous collection of the writing of Alobar Greywalker aka Bill Siebert aka Frater PVN. Alobar once told me that he ran one of Kenneth Grant’s “Powerzones” in the United States. That is actually one of the more mundane tales attached to him. Come by me a drink after an event at Thelesis Oasis and I can share some doozies. Leave it suffice I think this will be a fascinating and provocative read. Here’s the posted description:

“Greetings and a Warning: Not For Everyone

“Herein lie the Forbidden Alchemies of Frater PVN. In these Alchemies are treated the use of sex for magic, drugs for illumination, and rituals for entering into dangerous realms. If any of these things offend you, put this book down.

“This work is a collection of the rare chapbook editions of PVN’s work mostly from the 1980s, reset and expanded with supplementary material, most of which has seen only limited distribution. With death of the author, his friends gathered their files to produce this volume.

“None of what is herein is politically correct, socially approved or within the bounds of dogma; anyone’s dogma. Enter at your own risk, apply what you learn at your own discretion. The views expressed in this work are solely of the authors and are not be attributed to the publisher.

“We have preserved Frater PVN’s idiosyncratic typography and grammar to convey the character of his writing. Commentary, except for a few clarifying remarks in the footnotes, will be reserved to the end.

“Come meet Frater PVN as we did, on his own terms.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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