Pornhub Now Offers Interaction

A young woman wearing a virtual reality headset

According to Endgadget, on Wednesday, June 28, Pornhub began offering an interactive section for people with specific sex toys. The content is produced in partnership with, a company already providing interactive videos.

In addition, Ufeel will be showing Pornhub how to embed the sync technology in a variety of other videos both from established studios and amateurs. There’s a pledge, too, that the category will launch with hundreds of clips, with at least five new ones being added each and every day.

Right now the interactive section only works the Kiiroo Onyx and Fleshlight Launch. Still, Endgadget tells us, “The company has promised, however, to widen the gadgets that its clips are compatible with, to include female-friendly devices from OhMiBod, We-Vibe, Lovense and Kiiroo. Pornhub has also pledged to widen the category to include VR videos that can sync with the hardware, making truly immersive teledildonics a possibility.”

Pornhub will sync videos with your interactive sex toys.



  1. hey, everyone is free to post something they feel to be important on here, so i’m sure you’ll respect my opinion. it’s a downer to come on here & see a “pornhub” article–just sayin’. the only reason i mention this is b/c i’ve seen a quite a few “pornhub” articles on here. i’m not sure what the impetus is but crowley was a man who extolled great exceptionalism in people–he himself exemplified an incredible literary mind, ground-breaking thinking & a history-making athleticism. not sure what this has to do w/using a robot to get off while watching 2 other people having intercourse, but if somehow that’s the new “exceptionalism,” then so be it . . .

    • Man has the right to love as he will:—
      “take your fill and will of love as ye will,
      when, where, and with whom ye will.” —AL. I. 51.

      That would certainly include self-stimulation, which while it might not be your cuppa is still a legitimate practice. It’s been documented by many notable magical practitioners including Crowley himself. Crowley’s magical diaries included a great many explorations into what some might consider “deviant” sexuality. As it is said in Liber Al, I. 42, “The word of Sin is Restriction.”

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