Police seize priceless 2,000 year old Aphrodite statue in Istanbul

A priceless 2,000-year-old Aphrodite statue was seized by the police along with 13 other historical artifacts on July 12 in Istanbul.


Police seize priceless 2,000 year old Aphrodite statue in Istanbul

The Roman period statue of Aphrodite recovered by Turkish authorities 
[Credit: DHA]

Istanbul anti-smuggling police units contacted two suspects who were trying to sell historical artifacts obtained from illegal excavations upon received intelligence.  The two suspects, identified as A.Ş. and Y.Z., demanded 1 million Turkish Liras for the 13 artifacts, which included the Roman period statue of Aphrodite, seven bottles, two wine cups, two cubes and a piece of sheet glass sent as a gift to a princess.  Police detained the two suspects when they brought the artifacts for closer examination.  A.Ş., who was a contractor, reportedly said in his initial testimony that he got the historical artifacts in return for a house he had sold.  Meanwhile, experts announced that the Aphrodite statue was 2,000 years old and priceless.   The artifacts will be handed over to the Istanbul Archaeology Museum after they are examined.

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