C93 Announce Release of New Album: HER GHOST SINGS SPHERES

OTO Cabinet member, David Tibet, announced the upcoming release of a new album via his www.davidtibet.com website. Therein it’s stated:”

“C93 are to release her new broken album, in a small number of lathe-cut vinyl copies, in 3 months. Entitled Her Ghost Sings Spheres, it comes in two editions.

“The first edition, GHOST, limited to 18 signed and numbered copies, has an original postcard-sized painting, by Madge Gill, of her spirit guide MYRNINEREST on the front cover; these postcards come from my personal collection of Madge Gill’s work. This edition contains Her Ghost Sings Spheres as a clear lathe-cut 12″ album, cut by Bricoleur at Bladud Flies! It also comes with 2 personalised extra Hidden Spheres. It costs £418 plus P&P.Only one purchase per order and individual.

“The second edition, SPHERES, limited to 93 signed and numbered copies, contains Her Ghost Sings Spheres as a black lathe-cut 12″, again cut by Bricoleur. It costs £93 plus P&P. It also comes with 1 personalised Hidden Sphere, different to that accompanying the first edition. Only one purchase per order and individual.

“Both editions come in a silk-screened sleeve; this is a very haunting and unique Channelling. An example of one of the postcards that will come with the first GHOST edition appears below. This album will not be released in any other physical format, but will be released as a download in due course.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi


  1. Ridiculous price, lathe cuts aren’t THAT expensive to produce.

  2. good morning! here’s such an interesting hint at my c93 collection. would be pleased to talk privately with any Frater David Michael serious fan.

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