Podcast Discussing The Rosary Art of Conjuration

Hadean Press has posted a new podcast episode, an interview with Simon Dyda, author of, ‘Ars Rosaria – The Rosary Art of Conjuration’. The posted description says:

In this month’s podcast we present the world’s most notorious marzipancer, Simon Dyda, author of, ‘Ars Rosaria – The Rosary Art of Conjuration’, part of Hadean’s Guides to the Underworld series. Simon is a veteran British magician with many years spent as an itinerant musician, now living in Berlin. In this episode we discuss the nature of the Rosary, its history and the simplicities and complexities of its use in both religion and magic, as well as discussing the porous delineation of the definitions of both of these terms. We also explore Simon’s interest in non-transcendental eschatology, the pagan roots of Catholicism, the modularity of grimoire practices, dreams, necromancy, and one of my favourite subjects, the Kings of the four parts of the world.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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