Photographer Creates Tarot Deck Inspired by His Sleep Paralysis ran in interview with Nicholas Bruno who created his own tarot deck based on his dream journals and experience with the unsettling phenomenon of sleep paralysis. The article begins:

“Like many people, photographer Nicolas Bruno is enthralled by tarot cards. Having interacted with the mysterious cards at a young age, the deck of divination continued to pique his interest into adulthood. Now, Bruno’s latest series, titled The Somnia Tarot, depicts the entire 78-card deck and considers the symbology behind the alluring images that are often used to predict the future.

“Bruno began his tarot card photography by referring to his portfolio of surreal imagery. His previous work dealt with his experience with sleep paralysis as well as dream journals that have ultimately cultivated a visual language detailing his complicated relationship with a good night’s rest. This conceptual approach to his photographs allowed for an easy transition into recreating the classic Rider Waite tarot deck. ‘Because my Sleep Paralysis series and the classic tarot deal with the subconscious and conscious mind,’ he tells My Modern Met, ‘creating fluid parallels between the two bodies of work was a seamless process.'”

Read the entire interview:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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