New Article on Rosaleen Norton Documentary ran coverage of Sonia Bible’s LONG in the making documentary film on Witch/Artist/Activist Rosaleen Norton. It begins:

“Rosaleen Norton rose to infamy in the 1950s in Australia, after a series of lurid public scandals in which she was accused of participating in orgies and satanic rituals. She was prosecuted on charges of obscenity and blamed for the downfall of a world-famous conductor. Demonized by the press, her life became fodder for tabloids.

“A new documentary called “The Witch of Kings Cross” — named for Norton’s bohemian neighborhood in Sydney — explores the life of the artist and self-professed witch and shows that scandal isn’t really the heart of Norton’s story, despite what her critics might have said. The film, streaming now on Amazon and iTunes, is a portrait of a woman who defied the norms of conventional, predominantly Christian Australia of the era, challenging antiquated perceptions about faith, feminism, sexuality and art.

“At a time when women were expected to adhere to traditional roles of wife and mother, Norton was practicing sex magic and studying the works of Aleister Crowley, the notorious English occultist and ceremonial magician.”

Read the entire piece:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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