Phallic Worship in India Today

Here’s a very lively an colorful account posted by the BBC of one tourist’s account of fraternizing with Hindu Saddhus during festive proceedings surround Shiva’s Night – proceedings which includes veneration of images of the Divine Phallus. I’m thinking that adherents of an Order, rooted in Solar Phallic worship might find this pertinent.

“This was Shiva’s night and his lingam was hard to avoid. Beneath a full moon, all South India seemed to be converging on Tiruvannamalai to worship Shiva’s phallus. In countless shrines through the temple it appeared in the form of a short stone pillar. On the mountain behind the temple, it was represented by a pillar of flame penetrating the dark sky. As we spoke, women were queuing at a nearby shrine to smear the divine phallus with sandalwood oil.”

Read the article here:

D2F339 Shiva lingam Vrindavan. India.

D2F339 Shiva lingam Vrindavan. India.

Now where did I put that phial of sandalwood oil?


Thanks to Soror Hypatia for the tip

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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