This man has a penis the size of a bowling ball

Micha Stuntz in leather gear

“But exceed! exceed!” AL II:71

I’m pretty sure this isn’t what that verse intended, but… Micha Stuntz, age 45, has a penis that weighs 10 pounds. It now measures 9 inches long and 5.5 inches wide. He’s had four enlargement procedures, and needs to find specially tailored clothes to fit him. Here’s a view of the package from behind. NSFW, obviously.

 of Cosmopolitan UK tells us, “Despite the fact you’d think such an enormous addendum would be somewhat limiting in the bedroom, because I’m pretty sure you’d have to be about 10 centimetres dialated and I don’t think that’s possible outside labour, Micha insists it’s ‘great’ and simply makes him ‘more creative.'”

Cosmo UK: This man has a 10 pound penis.


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