Occult Reference in Cartoon Network

The lovely Ultraculture.org/blog has posted a look at the Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time series, pointing out the significant number of occult and mystical references dropped into the story line:

“Most kids have been aware at some point of jokes or pop culture references in cartoon shows aimed not at them, but their parents watching these shows with them. ThoughAdventure Time is ultimately a children’s cartoon, it takes this trend and amplifies it exponentially. Not only does the show include veiled, crude humor that only attentive adult viewers will pick up on, but a plethora of progressive, weird or esoteric content that has attracted audiences across age and gender demographics.

“Contributing to this are not-so-subtle references to various occult practices and traditions. For example, in the season five episode “All the Little People,” a mystical character appropriately named Magic Man recites a line almost identical to the first half of Aleister Crowley’s famous Thelemic law, saying ‘do what thoust will be the whole piece of law.’ In the context of the episode, this is a spell that gives life to miniature versions of various characters from the show, that Finn, the show’s protagonist, then obsessively manipulates, before learning that imposing his will upon these smaller versions of his friends and acquaintances will inevitably result in disaster.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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