Part Four of Australian Grand Master’s Series on Liber Resh

Australia’s Grand Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis recently published the fourth part of Australian Grand Master Shiva X°’s series “Australia: the land of sun worshippers.”

It begins:

“In parts I – III on Liber Resh I made occasional reference to a meditation practice called “Living in the Sunlight.” Up until we revived this practice in Australia in 2018, few people had ever heard of it. The Sunlight meditation is only mentioned in an unpublished 1915 letter from Aleister Crowley to his disciple Frater Achad, and in a 1922 lecture by Achad called “Living in the Sunlight.”. A transcript of that lecture was published in issue number 7 of the Swedish journal The Fenris Wolf (2014).

“If you want to find out more on the background to this meditation, I wrote a short paper called “Living in the Sunlight: the Mutations of the Tao working” in the Best of Oz. Overlooked for about 100 years, the Australian OTO and now the Italian OTO have incorporated it into their Syllabi. In this post you will learn how you can make it part of your own personal practice too, whether you’re in the OTO or not.

“It is probably a little cheeky of me to call and claim this as “The OTO Living in the Sunlight meditation.” To be clear, historically the Sunlight meditation was never issued as an official instruction of the Order. However, we know that Crowley practiced it. We also know that Achad practiced it and thought enough about its virtues to lecture on it years after the fact. And we know that the Sunlight work was all going on at a time when developing the OTO was front and centre of the Crowley/Achad collaboration. So as far as I’m concerned, it may as well have been an official instruction. And as the current Australian and Italian work demonstrates, it now is an official OTO practice! So, call it a modern OTO practice if that makes you feel better.

Read the entire instruction:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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