Parole Board Recommends that Bobby Beausoleil Be Paroled

The Daily Mail ran an Associated Press report that a California parole board has recommended that Bobby Beausoleil be paroled after nearly 50 years in prison for his direct involvement in the torture and murder of Gary Hinman in 1969.

Prior to Hinman’s tragic slaying Beausoleil had been a significant figure on the California music, film and occult scene, being a founder member of the pioneering multi racial L.A. rock band Love, appearing in Kenneth Anger’s film Lucifer Rising in the title role, etc; he was originally commissioned to create the film’s soundtrack.  A little Googling will yield a wealth of coverage of Hinman’s killing as well as Beausoleil’s life and before and after that tragic event, including multiple interviews conducted with Beausoleil in prison. Not surprisingly, he’s claimed that while he did take part in Hinman’s torture that he was not responsible for his death and wasn’t present when it occurred. Hinman’s family don’t agree.  There’s a LOT of data to impact and I’ll leave you to it if you’re of a mind to. The Associate Press report begins:

“A California parole panel on Thursday recommended for the first time that Charles Manson follower Robert Beausoleil be freed after serving nearly a half-century in prison for murder.

“Beausoleil, 71, was not involved in the most notorious killings of actress Sharon Tate and six others by the Manson ‘family’ in 1969. He was convicted in the slaying of musician Gary Hinman that same year.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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