Palgrave Publishes Study of Alternative Spiritualities in Israel

Palgrave/MacMillan has published the latest title in its Alternative Spiritualities series, a series co-edited by Henrik Bogdan, Contemporary Alternative Spiritualities In Israel. The publisher’s site says:

“This volume is the first English-language anthology to engage with the fascinating phenomena of recent surges in New Age and alternative spiritualties in Israel. Contributors investigate how these New Age religions and other spiritualties—produced in Western countries within predominantly Protestant or secular cultures–transform and adapt themselves in Israel. The volume focuses on a variety of groups and movements, such as Theosophy and Anthroposophy, Neopaganism, Channeling, Women’s Yoga, the New Age festival scene, and even Pentecostal churches among African labor migrants living in Tel Aviv. Chapters also explore more Jewish-oriented practices such as Neo-Kabballah, Neo-Hassidism, and alternative marriage ceremonies, as well as the use of spiritual care providers in Israeli hospitals. In addition, contributors take a close look at the state’s reaction to the recent activities and growth of new religious movements.”


A Sacred Time in the Sacred Land: Authenticating the Past in New Age Judaism – Werczberger, Rachel

Kabbalah Through the Utilitarian Prism: Contemporary Neo-Kabbalah in Israel as a Form of Consumer Culture – Persico, Tomer

Body and Soul in Yemima Avital’s Teachings and in Her Students’ Testimonies, Philosophies and Practices – Ramon, Einat

Individualization of Jewish UnOrthodox (Alternative) Wedding Rituals in Israel – Prashizky, Anna

The Incorporation of Spiritual Care into Israeli Medical Organizations – Zaidman, Nurit

Inherent Paradox in Cultural Change: New Age Rituals as Case Study  -Simchai, Dalit

The State and New Religious Movements – Sagiv, Masua

Theosophy and Anthroposophy in Israel: An Historical Survey – Lubelsky, Isaac

Messages for the End: Eschatological Thought in Twentieth Century Channeling – Klin-Oron, Adam

The Menstrual Discourse in Israeli Yoga for Women: Narrative and Ritual, Agency and Control – Rosen Even-Zohar, Carmit

Ritual Adaptations and Celebrations of the Mabon Sabbat (Autumn Equinox) by Israeli Neopagans – Mizrahi, Orly Salinas

Pentecostal Ethiopian Jews and Nigerian Members of Olumba Olumba: Manifestations of Christianity in Israel – Sabar, Galia

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