Palgrave MacMillan Publishes “Female Leaders in New Religious Movements”

Palgrave MacMillian has announced the publication of the latest title in its Palgrave Studies in New Religions and Alternative Spiritualities series verseen by Henrik Bogdan and Jim Lewis, Female Leaders in New Religious Movements. The book was edited by Inga Bårdsen Tøllefsen and Christian Giudice. the publisher’s site says:

“In this book, historians of religion and gender studies explore the biographies of a number of female leaders, and the factors within their groups and cultural contexts that support these women’s religious leadership. New Religious Movements have been supportive of women taking roles of leadership for a long time.  Authors of this book examine issues of gender and female leadership from diverse theoretical and methodological standpoints. The book covers a broad range of groups both with regard to time and place, covering Paganism, Hindu guru groups, Christian organizations, esoteric/ mystical movements, African churches, and a Japanese NRM.  The common focal point is the powerful, prophetic, charismatic women who have founded and/ or led New Religious Movements.”

Chapters included are:

Women and NRMs: Location and Identity by Coltri, Marzia A.

God’s Messenger: Ellen G. White by Vance, Laura L.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet: Gender, Sexuality, and the Divine Feminine by Erin Prophet

Where There is True Love, Anything is Effortless’: Mata Amritanandamayi: Divine Mother and Religious Entrepreneur by Bårdsen Tøllefsen, Inga

Mother and Father of Oneness: An Intersectional Reading of the Shared Leadership of Amma and Bhagavan by Thorsén, Elin

‘I, Jehovah’: Mary Ann de Grimston and The Process Church of the Final Judgment by Giudice, Christian

Olivia Robertson: Priestess of Isis by Crowley, Vivianne

The Power of Writing in Deguchi Nao’s Ofudesaki by Morrow, Avery

Females’ Subversive Interventions in the Religious Field in Ethiopia by Debele, Serawit Bekele

Female Leadership in Mudzimu Unoera Sect of Guruve, Zimbabwe by Sibanda, Fortune

The Politics of the Goddess: Radical/Cultural Feminist Influences of Starhawk’s Feminist Witchcraft by Feraro, Shai

The Chalice and the Rainbow: Conflicts Between Women’s Spirituality and Transgender Rights in US Wicca in the 2010s by Mueller, Michelle

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