O.T.O. Australia Publishing 2 Volumes of Research Journal on Vernal Equinox

Ordo Templi Orientis, Grand Lodge of Australia has announced the upcoming publication of the first two volumes their research journal, Ora et Labora. These will be available on the Vernal Equinox via all online retailers. They feature an international list of contributors from Italy, Australia, Poland, USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada, South Africa, Austria, Japan, Sweden and India.

The contents of these volumes is:

Vol I

  • In the Weaves of the Order – Frater Phanes X°
  • Typology of Will in writings of Aleister Crowley, Meister Eckhart and Carl Gustav Jung – Krzysztof Azarewicz
  • An Analysis of Liber Librae – Frater V.I.A.
  • When meditation goes bad – Cynthia Crosse
  • Health in Thelema: The Stone of the Wise & The Holy Guardian Angel – Shawn Gray
  • Eros daimon mediator and Electoral College – Frater Ιαω Σαβαω
  • On the Epiclesis – Michael Kolson
  • Secret Light: Reflections on the Rosy Cross – Tau Nektarios
  • Eucharist: From Self to God – Padraig MacIain
  • The Proof is in the Pudding- Marko Milenovic
  • Baphomet – Frater O.I.P.
Ora et Labora - Cover - Vol I

Vol II

  • Āmi Satya: Hallaj, Crowley, and the Baul Fakirs of Bengal – Keith Cantú
  • Carl Kellner – Patrizia Ebner
  • Freemasonry, the OTO, and Crowley – Robert Koole
  • Aleister Crowley: a K2 Letter – Clint Warren
  • The Spiritual Heritage from Egypt – Pontus Lindqvist
  • Notes towards a preliminary analysis of a peculiar motif in the Stele of Ankh-af-na-khonsu – Rev. Cosmé Hallelujah
  • The Birth of the New Aeon: Magick And Mysticism of Thelema from the Perspective of Postmodern A/Theology – Gordan Djurdjevic
  • Crowley, Conspiracy, Moral Panic and the Media – Brendan Walls
  • The Will of the Aeon – Frater A.B.H.S.

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