November 16 is Hekate’s Night

Here’s an excerpt from the latest issue of Jason Miller’s Magick Monday Newsletter:

Tomorrow is November 16th, a night that a lot of people celebrate as Hekate’s night. When I say a lot of people, I mean thousdands of people. There are so many Hekate Devotees now that its becoming its own major movement. Unfortunately there is also a lot of misinformation that circulates among this crowd as gospel truth.

Precisely because there is so much misinformation I get whether this date is “authentic”.

As always my response is “Authentic to what?”

Is it authentic to tradition? Definately not. Greeks didn’t even measure the calendar in the same way. Romans did, but there is no evidence that Nov 16th was sacred to Hekate in the past.

Is it functionally authentic? I think it is. If you get hundreds, if not thousands of people to honor her on a specific day, is that not power? Is that not psychically potent? Of course it is.

So, Burn your brands against the Gigantes.

Offer eggs and honey at the three way crossroads.

Touch her key to the lock of the graveyard gates.

Honor her in whatever way you know how, and join your voice with others doing the same.

Like it or not, Hekate’s now a thing. It’s good to know its not an ancient thing, but that doesn’t mean its not a thing.Why would we try to make it not a thing anyway?

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