NGO Raises Funds to Rescue ‘Bulgaria’s Stonehenge’: Ancient Thracian Stone Circle (Cromlech) at Staro Zhelezhare

A Bulgarian NGO has managed to raise a considerable sum of money to fund the rescue excavations of the so called “Bulgarian Stonehenge” – an Ancient Thracian stone circle (cromlech) at the town of Staro Zhelezare near Hisarya in Southern Bulgaria.

The 6th century BC megalithic structure, which was an Ancient Thracian observatory, was discovered in 2001 by late Bulgarian archaeologist Georgi Kitov. (Note: in Bulgarian, as in some other European languages such as French, Spanish, and Italian, this stone circle structure is described with the Welsh word “cromlech”, which usually stands for a dolmen in English – see the Background Infonotes below.)


Ixel Balamke

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