A Feast for St. Elias Ashmole, continued

Veal rib

Yesterday, May 18, was the Feast of St. Elias Ashmole. Today we continue our celebration with more recipes for a Bill of Fare from his time.

A Bill of Fare for May.
Veal rib

  1. Scotch Pottage or Skink.
  2. Scotch collops of mutton
  3. A Loin of Veal.
  4. An oline, or a Pallat pye.
  5. Three Capons, 1 larded.
  6. Custards.

To Boil a breast of Veal in another manner.

Joint it well, and perboil it a little, then put it in a stewing pan or deep dish with some strong broth; and a bundle of sweet herbs well bound up, some large mace, and some slices of interlarded bacon, two or three cloves, some capers, samphire, salt, some yolks of hard eggs, and white-wine; stew all these well together, and being boil’d and tender, serve it on fine carved sippets [small chunks of bread fried with butter and fresh herbs], and broth it. Then have some fried sweetbreads, sausages of veal or pork, garlick or none, and run all over with beaten butter, lemon, and fried parsley. Thus you may boil a Rack or Loin.

 Several Sauces for roast Veal.

  1. Gravy, claret, nutmeg, vinegar, butter, sugar, and oranges.
  2. Juyce of orange, gravy, nutmeg, and slic’t lemon on it.
  3. Vinegar and butter.
  4. All manner of sweet herbs chopped small with the yolks of two or three eggs, and boil them in vinegar, butter, a few bread crumbs, curran[t]s, beaten cinamon, sugar, and a whole clove or two, put it under the veal, with slices of orange and lemon about the dish.
  5. Claret sauce, of boil’d carrots, and boil’d quinces stamped and strained, with lemon, nutmeg, pepper, rose-vinegar, sugar, and verjuyce, boil’d to an indifferent height or thickness, with a few whole cloves.

 Recipes from The Accomplisht Cook

Pallat Pie

Take Oxe Pallats [tongues] and boil them so tender that you may run a straw through them; to three Palates take six Sheeps tongues boiled tender and peeled, three sweet-Breads of Veal, cut all these in thin slices, then having your Pie ready, and Butter in the bottom, lay in these things, first seasoned with Pepper, Salt and Nutmeg, and Thyme and Parsley shred small, and as the Season of the year is, put into it Asparagus, Anchovies, Chesnuts, or what you please else, as Candied Orange Pill, Limon Pill, or Citron Pill, with Eringo roots, and yolks of hard Eggs, some Marrow and some Oysters, then lay in good store of Butter on the top, so close it and bake it, then put in white Wine, buter, the yolks of Eggs, and Vinegar and Sugar; heat them together over the fire, and serve it in.

Recipe from The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet.


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