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Welcome to the new weekly Strategic Sorcery Newsletter: Monday Magic. Here is something magic, something mundane, and something random to help you out this week.

Lesson: Nailing Down Drama

Nails are wonderful magical tools.  It is no coincidence that Phurba is my main Tantric practice and I use a whole series of Triclavian (three nails) spells in my work with St Cyprian.  This week I wanted to get rid of a problem that really wasn’t my problem to begin with, but nonetheless was haunting me through a specific person. In other words: Drama. It’s a complicated situation that I want to be left out of, but don’t want to harm anyone involved. I turned, as I often do when things are complex, to Hekate. She instructed me to use her spirit trap – the one that is on the cover of Protection and Reversal Magic to grab the situation, than nail it down and walk away.

I took a rue bath praying to Hekate to be rid of the nuisance and dipped a square piece of paper into the water. I took the water and paper to a three way crossroads when the the paper was dry enough to hold ink, I made the spirit trap and lit a small candle over each of the four crosses, and performed my call of Hekate invoking her under the names on the trap. Aktiophis to lead everything connected into the situation into the triangles, Nebotosoaleth to trap it and confuse it, and Ereshkigal to keep it an an ever tightening triangle.

I extinguished the candles and placed the wax in the trap, then folded the square paper diagonally along one of the diagonal lines in the trap. This takes the four sided shape of the overall piece into a triangle – a shape of confinement and discomfort. I folded that triangle in half again so that the other diagonal line also was folded. I continued to fold it into smaller triangles until I couldn’t anymore. I wrapped the entire thing while chanting Hekate’s Mantra IO HEKA IO HO.

Finally I asked Hekate to lead me to a tree that could take the trap off my hands. I immediately was shown a tree with a hollow just off the road and I took a nail blessed with Hekate Oil and drove it through the center of the trap.

As long as the people involved don’t try to drag me into the situation, all will be well. When they do, they will receive distraction and confusion. I have heard nothing of the drama since. This spirit trap has served me well on a number of occasions, from trapping actual spiirts, to binding situations, to getting rid of people. Its applications are endless, but this is what helped me out this month.

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