Archaeologists Uncover Working Tools of a Magician at Pompeii

Italian news outlet ANSA reports that archaeologists have uncovered a trove of artefacts at the site of Pompeii that seem to comprise the working tools of a magician. An excerpt of their report says:

“The objects included crystals, amber and amethyst stones, buttons made of bones, beetles from the orient, amulets, dolls, bells, miniature penises, fists and even a tiny skull. They were found at the Casa del Giardino, the same area where an inscription was recently uncovered that made historians change the date of when they think the Vesuvius eruption that destroyed Pompeii took place, shifting it from August 24 to October 24 79 AD.”

“‘There are dozens of good luck charms next to other objects that were attributed with the power of crushing bad luck,’ Osanna told ANSA…”

Read the whole story:

Thanks to Soror Amy for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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