New Sex Guidelines for Zika?

Pregnant Woman Spraying Mosquito Repellant To Protect Against Zi

According to CNN, “If you’ve traveled to any country with a current outbreak of Zika, you should wait a full eight weeks to have unprotected sex or attempt to conceive a baby, even if you have no symptoms of the disease, the World Health Organization said today. Previous guidance suggested taking precautions or abstaining for only four weeks.”

CNN continues, “The WHO also recommends that couples living in countries with active infections ‘be correctly informed and oriented to consider delaying pregnancy’ and that any woman who has had unprotected sex and does not wish to become pregnant ‘have ready access to emergency contraceptive services and counseling.'”

The complicated bit here is that most of the places where Zika is endemic are also locations where women have little, if any, agency in their own sex lives. One wonders whether the disease may be the final weight brought to bear in giving women the ability to make their own sexual decisions, including birth control and abortion.

WHO revises sex guidelines for Zika prevention.



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