Don Henley: Peyote, the Occult Shaped Eagles’ Hit LP

The cover of The Eagles 1972 eponymous album

Don Henley’s interview with David Browne, published in Rolling Stone this month, relates stories about The Eagles and how their 1972 debut album came together. Stories of Zelda Fitzgerald, sounds of chirping birds, Ouija boards, séances, palm reading, peyote trips and more meld to create an evocative sound of the early Seventies.

Henley says about the album cover’s photoshoot: “The Joshua Tree National Monument, in 1971, was more
 wild and untouched than it is 
today. It was a magical place.
 There was a pervasive feeling 
that we were embarking on a momentous journey; there was 
an air of portent in the positive
 sense. It was simultaneously a 
sensory and a spiritual experience. That’s the effect that the
 peyote cactus has on most people, but not all. Under the effects of peyote, in the glowing 
dusk, we saw the Joshua trees as sentient beings.”

Eagles’ Debut: Don Henley on How Peyote, the Occult Shaped Hit LP.


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