New, Modernized Edition of “Thelema” Now Available

A new, modernized edition of the 1909 publication of “Thelema” is now available on Amazon as a print-on-demand paperback. Proceeds go to benefit Sekhet-Maat Oasis, O.T.O., in the Valley of Portland.  The editor states:
“This book is a worship tool for Thelemites. Its purpose is to offer a practical version of the five Thelemic holy books originally published in the 1909 EV edition of “Thelema” to aid devotional study and memorization. Rather than the typical versified layout, this edition seeks to draw attention to the narrative quality of their content. This aids comprehension, and comprehension aids memorization. The principal way this is accomplished here is through grouping verses into a paragraph structure. Additionally, the book’s typesetting is intended to be practical, attractive, and pleasant to read. Generous margins border each page for comfortable holding and writing marginalia. Chapter and verse numbers run in the page headings for quick reference.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi


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