Holy Days Art Challenge – The Emperor

Liber Tzaddi
The Emperor
Atu IV

16. With courage conquering fear shall ye approach me: ye shall lay down your heads upon mine altar, expecting the sweep of the sword.

17. But the first kiss of love shall be radiant on your lips; and all my darkness and terror shall turn to light and joy.

18. Only those who fear shall fail. Those who have bent their backs to the yoke of slavery until they can no longer stand upright; them will I despise.

19. But you who have defied the law; you who have conquered by subtlety or force; you will I take unto me, even I will take you unto me.

20. I ask you to sacrifice nothing at mine altar; I am the God who giveth all.

Photography @_dicknorman_
Makeup @lady.psychepomp
In image @goatl0rd @aethyiametis @talismanleather

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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