New Episode of Wine & Witches w Guest Jezebel Pride

On Episode 77 of Witches and Wine host Chaweon Koo discusses Sobriety and Spiritual Satanism with Jezebel Pride


What is a spiritual satanist?

Right hand vs. left hand

Addiction recovery

Why traditional AA meetings are problematic for occult people

Christian privilege

Why it’s hard for just “replace” God in AA meetings with your own god

Why is Satan benevolent

Lillith vs. Adam and Eve

Satan vs. The Shadow (what makes us make less-optimal choices)

Why Satan? Why not another dark god? Why bother with any god?

Demons were once just pagan gods and goddesses


Not a lot of women on the left-hand path…why?

Why Satanism isn’t just about sex, drugs, and rock n roll

The 12 steps – comparison side-by-side (correction: for Step 8, it should end with as well as our part in them)

The Christian and male-centric and submission focus of traditional AA

Koren’s past in recovery

Addiction is more than just drugs and alcohol

Why is this channel called Witches & Wine

Why women on love n light path can benefit from the left-hand path

Religious trauma syndrome

International Blasphemy Day (September 23)

How to start going away from religious traditions you’ve grown up with

Raising children as a Satanist

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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