New Episode of Thelema, NOW! Featuring Dr. Sasha Chaitow

On the latest episode of Thelema, NOW! host Harper Feist speaks with Dr. Sasha Chaitow.

Having written her Ph.D. thesis on Joséphin Péladan, Dr. Sasha Chaitow is uniquely qualified to present a complete picture of the man and his works, both from an artistic and an esoteric standpoint. In particular, she has studied and documented – and is teaching – his initiatory system. In this Thelema Now episode, Dr. Chaitow and Harper Feist discuss the metaphysical and esoteric aspects of Péladan’s life, some of which happened side by side with Aleister Crowley in Paris. Put on your seatbelt, this interview is a good one! Be sure to check out Sasha’s book –Son of Prometheus: The Life and Work of Joséphin Péladan.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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