Imago. Body – Vision – Magick being Published Next Month

Theion Publishing is opening pre-orders for  Robert Allen’s Imago. Body – Vision – Magick which is being published in April. The posted descriptions says;

“This work will feature a foreword by Richard Smoley and illustrations by Constance DuQuette. Robert is an occultist with more than fifty years of experience; furthermore, he is a published author on performance technique and visionary art practice, holds a degree in fine art, and is a former dancer, choreographer, physical theater artist, and director. All of his experience, especially also from teaching workshops and classes within his ongoing project Performance Movement Magick, informs his upcoming title with Theion, an initiatic study on images as magical symbols of transformation and the connected vision magick, which we will introduce in more detail over the next few weeks.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi


    • you need to contact the seller to determine this. we have no financial interest in this product or its sales

    • Well, forget it them. I am Robert Allen mother. I will just hit him up for one.

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