New Book Discussing Ida Craddock and Other Targets of Comstock

Earlier this Summer, the New Yorker reviewed a new book about the infamous career of professional misogynist Anthony Comstock, The Man Who Hated Women authored by Amy Sohn. To be more precise, this book takes a look at the brave, ground-breaking women he targeted including native Philadelphia Ida Craddock, a member of Ordo Templi Orientis’ Order of the White Lion.

An excerpt from the review states:

“Ida Craddock was a lecturer and writer on the ‘divine science’ of sex who practiced telepathy and enjoyed frequent, transcendent lovemaking sessions with the ghost of a man she had once known. But Sohn gives Craddock her due as a brave campaigner who inveighed against marital rape, urged husbands to engage in foreplay with their wives and encouraged both partners to get naked during sex, and shared fairly reliable anatomical knowledge. She was also pragmatic enough to keep the ghost on the down low when necessary. She told her lawyer, the young Clarence Darrow, that, if asked about her spirit lover, she would simply say that her husband was dead. Any further inquiries into her spectral sex life should be rejected as a violation of privacy.”

Read the entire interview:

Read more about Ms. Craddock:

Ida Craddock

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