Grant Morrison Unveils NEW Wonder Woman

The Daily Beast published an interview with Chaos Magician and comic/graphic novel superstar Grant Morrision regarding his new take on Wonder Woman. Among other things he says:

“I decided to go back to the original version of Wonder Woman written by her creator William Moulton Marston with art by H.G. Peter. I thought there was a lot of material there. In recent years, Wonder Woman’s been portrayed as a kind of warrior woman, but in Marston’s direction, she’s much more a diplomat and an ambassador. She uses weapons for peace, she uses the bracelets to deflect missiles and bullets, and she uses the lasso to capture people and, basically, make them obey her loving command. So I thought there’s a lot more interesting material there for a version of Wonder Woman that was a little bit different than the one you usually see. I was kind of trying to capture the original essence of this counterculture, feminist heroine and put it in a modern context.”

Read the entire interview here:

Wonder Woman

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