MEHENET Announce National Tour

New Orleans isn’t the first place one might go to find a Thelemic Black Metal band.
Mehenet combines the visceral aural onslaught beloved of metal fans with occult ritual, and the result is nothing less than magnificently evil.
The members of the band, Algol -vocals, Nehushtan-guitar, Nekyia- Guitar, Tzphardeah-drums, Phlegethon-bass, Matr’El-bass, are all OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis) initiates as well as being affiliated with A.’.A.’. .
One has to witness a Mehenet ritual to fully appreciate the full impact of their musical talent and ritualistic acumen.
Fear not dear friends, Mehenet will be on tour their first major tour of the East Coast with Grave Gnosis (Florida).

As well as taking part in the Anticosmic Music Festival.

Can’t wait that long you say? Here’s some brutal pics  from the May 31st ritual at Siberia!

 image image image image image image image image image

CVLT Nation Captures TAAKE At The Siberia in NOLA



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