Matilda’s Scoundrels Release “Crowley’s Curse” Single recently posted about the provenance of Matilda’s Scoundrels’ new single “Crowley’s Curse.” Their new story notes:

“Hastings folk-punks Matilda’s Scoundrels are to release a seven inch single referencing a curse put upon the town by occultist Aleister Crowley.

“Explaining the inspiration behind the six piece band’s upcoming Crowley’s Curse single, vocalist Quinn says ‘Aleister Crowley (aka The Great Beast) was a resident in Hastings at the end of his life. People always talk about him and the curse he cast upon the town, so it came natural to write a song about him and his crazy ways. It never surprised us that Aleister Crowley came to Hastings. It is and always was full of eccentric and crazy people.’

“’The curse itself says that anyone who has ever lived in Hastings will always live there, it might be true it might not be, however it does feel at times that Hastings has a curse upon it whether that’s too much drinking or too much fishing I don’t think we’ll ever know. It’s an intriguing story and one we find interesting enough to write about.’”

Read more and see the video for the song here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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