Crowley’s Mentor, who Invested the 10 Point Crampon

In Dr. Richard Kaczynski’s FB feed he notes that:

“Mountaineer Oscar Eckenstein (1859-1921) designed the first 10-point crampon, which was made commercially available by Henry Grivel.

“Eckenstein was Aleister Crowley‘s mentor in mountaineering, and together they were part of a team of climbers who attempted K2 in 1902. Crowley dedicated volume 2 of his Confessions to ‘three immortal memories,’ one of whom was Eckenstein.”

Though most of Crowley and Eckenstein’s relationship was based on mountaineering, whilst travelling together in Mexico Crowley confided to the latter about problems he was having in the realm of magick and “He summed up my magical situation and told me that my troubles were due to my inability to control my thoughts. He said: ‘Give up your Magick, with all its romantic fascinations and deceitful delights. Promise to do this for a time and I will teach you how to mater your mind.'” (Confessions, Ch 25)



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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