Marc Almond Records Song Co-Written By To Mega Therion

The ever-engaging website recently posted about a 10 CD  box set Trials of Eyeliner: Anthology 1979-2016 devoted to the work of New Romantic icon Marc Almond. Well, that’s fabuki enough all on its own, but of especial interest to some us will be a remarkably obscure bit of Crowleyana included, to wit:

“One of the ‘deep cuts’—indeed one of the very deepest cuts of all—is Almond’s emphatic performance of one of the only songs known to have been composed (in this case co-written) by the Great Beast hisself, Mister Aleister Crowley.

“The sheet music for this song, referred to in a footnote, was thought to have remained unpublished and lost. None of the major Crowley collections throughout the world had a copy, but in 1991, a copy was discovered.

“’The Tango Song’ was written by Aleister Crowley and set to music by Bernard Page. It’s a musical adaptation of Crowley’s poem ‘The Tango,’ first published in The Equinox Vol I, No 9 in March of 1913 as part of a short play co-written by Crowley and Mary D’Este (the mother of the great madcap Hollywood film director Preston Sturges).”

Read the entire news story here:

and here’s Almond performing “The Tango Song” live:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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