Major Exhibition of 15th Century Sculptor of Spirtelli – Donatello

The New York Times ran a nice piece on 15th century master sculptor, Donatello, a certain portion of his work considered important to the esoteric current in European art. Here’s an excerpt:

“Donatello’s innovative interpretations of subjects — a teenage St. John the Baptist, a nude David, the not easily identifiable martyrs on the doors for the Old Sacristy of San Lorenzo (one of 14 pieces to be restored in connection with the exhibition) — also eschewed tradition and challenged antiquity, breaking new ground.

“Donatello found an outlet for his vision in the “spiritelli,” the naked winged children that he used as decorative motifs and subjects on their own. In the exhibition’s scholarly catalog, Caglioti posits that two “spiritelli” heads, on loan from the Met in New York, might come from a Cantoria, or choir gallery, today in the Opera del Duomo Museum.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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