Magick is 100% Reliable

Here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery blog:

That’s right. I said it. Magic is 100% relaible.

So why do spells fail then? Why does my hip still ache? Why did I not win the power ball last week? Why am I not being paraded around on a palanquin carried by supermodels?

Well to answer this prolem of magic’s reliability , let’s take a look at the reliability of more common items. A broom maybe. Is your broom 100% reliable? Of course it is! If I take a broom to my deck, I will sweep up dirt and leaves no problem. It works every time, doesn’t even need batteries.

Somtimes though, something sticky gets on the floor, and the broom just smears it around. Does this mean my broom is unreliable? No, its just not something that the broom can clean up.

If I try to push my truck out of the way with the broom, I likewise fail in my objective. The broom just isn’t made to move a 5000 pound object. Is this my brooms fault? Nope. It is exerting force, just not enough. If I was to able to put enough force into the broom to move the truck, the broom would break. The broom is 100% reliable for what it is made for.

Now lets take this into human terms. If you get in legal trouble you hire a lawyer right? The lawyer does his job and another lawyer does their job. If you lose, is it because the lawyer was unreliable? Maybe if they did something wrong, but if they presented their best case they simply lost. The force exerted was not enough to achieve the desired result.

Its the room vs the sticky mess or the truck again. Life is filled with things like this. The doctor does what they can, but treatments don’t always overcome the disease. The olympian does their best, but they don’t always get their best score. Shit happens, ya know?

So when I say magic is 100% reliable, I mean that if you do it well, it has an effect. Like the broom, the lawyer, or the medicine.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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