Literary Classics – Harold Bloom’s “Kabbalah and Criticism”

Many occultists consider Qabala very obscure, specialized area of study mainly carried out by magicians and mystics and scholars investigating them both. But eminent literary critic Harold Bloom delved into the topic as well as a means of understanding the evolution of literature over centuries and across multiple cultural boundaries. Amazon says about his 1975 publication Kabbalah and Criticism:

“While Bloom is appreciated for his originality, range and clarity, less notice has been taken of the remarkable unity that is displayed in his writings from the earlier studies on Shelley, Blake and Romanticism, up to A Map of Misreading. That unity is brilliantly highlighted in Kabbalah and Criticism.

“Providing a study of the Kabbalah itself, its great commentators, the ‘revisionary ratios’ they employed and of its significance as a model for contemporary criticism, Kabbalah and Criticism is an indispensable book for all students of literature as well as for all those who are fascinated by this singularly rich body of mystical writings.”

Other key figures invoked in the wider dialogue regarding the impact of Qabala on art and philosophy would include Jacques Derrida and Jorge Luis Borges – the latter being a lifelong friend of Argentinian mage Xul Solar.

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