Latinx Game of Loteria

Well thanks Louis DeJoy! I just got by February 1/7 issue of Time Magazine in the mail. This was billed as the Commermorative Biden Inauguration issue – so it’s perhaps it’s fitting that was delayed in transit for two months. WELP. Most of the coverage is what you’d expect, except for a Time off piece on a Latino gaming tradition called Loteria which is played rather like Bingo, but utilizing 54 playing cards rather than a barrell full of numbered balls etc. This article focused on a recently created re-invention of the game by one Rafael Gonzales Jr. with millenial-relevant imagery done in the style of the cards designed by Don Clemente Jacques. Tell me if these images don’t remind you of something that might be familiar.

Read the story:

Man, do I feel like a dumb Gringo!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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