Latest Catalogue Of Occult Books From Night Of Pan

Night Of Pan Books in Seattle WA have published their latest catalogue of printed goods on offer:

1) Achad, Frater. Crystal Vision through Crystal Gazing. No date (ca. 1980’s). Yogi Publications. 116 pp. Previous owner signature on the FFEP “PrometuOz 777, XI* OTO” Not sure if this person was what he claimed. There is also a small different owners signature to the half title. Two pages have some light pen marks. Otherwise a very good copy. $30.00

2) Achad. The Hall of Judgment Book Review. 2 page typescript of Achad’s review of Waite’s Lamps of Western Mysticism”. Typed signature of “Achad” Has about 6 corrections in Achad’s hand in his infamous purple colored ink. Some edge wear, remnants of rust from old paper clip. $150.00

3) Achad. Nothing. Typescript 7 pp. Under the Title and author it indicates that it was transcribed from the “original manuscript written December, the twentysixth, Nineteen hundred and twelve e.v.” Presumably this TS is from the 1930’s or 1940’s. A few small hand made corrections these almost assuredly from either Achad or Kowal. Indent to the paper where a paper clip used to be, some light general wear. I am only aware of this essay by Achad being published in one obscure and small OTO publication. $250.00

4) Achad. Original Letter in Addressed Envelope. Small greeting card addressed to Joseph Coyl. Not dated but has a December 11th, 1949 post date. Achad addresses the greeting card to “Bro. Coyl” and sends Christmas Blessings. Card and envelope in excellent condition. $150.00

5) Achad. Original Letter. Addressed to Bro. Sapientia (J.P. Kowal) one of Achad’s primary students. Dated June 30, 1946. Typed two pages on a single sheet. Letter talks about Acha’d sending a copy of his book on Wagner etc. “The Chalice of Ecstasy” to Wagner’s son and his response. In addition it mentions an enclosure, sadly not present that was a letter from the “Sisters Adoreres of the Precious Blood”. Signed Achad in what looks to be pencil. There is a pencil note the to top of the letter “an July 1” presumably the date the letter was replied to. Very good. $200.00

6) Adams, Evangeline (written largely by Aleister Crowley). Astrology: Your Place Among the Stars. 1930 (later printing). Dodd, Mead and Co.: New York. 8vo. Cloth bound. 526 pp. A good+ copy in good, edge worn and torn jacket. $20.00

7) Tipped in color frontispiece. Trade paperback, bound in stiff paper boards. Published in a limited edition of 700 numbered copies. This copy not numbered. A fine, unread coy. $150.00

8) Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick. Volume I no. 1 1976. Conquering Child Publications. First edition. 8vo. Staple wraps. 88 pp. Contains the first printing of Nema’s “Book of Maat”, in addition to a variety of essays, photography and art. From the Bate Cabal magical group centered in Cincinnati in the 1970’s through the 1980’s. This copy has some light cover wear and a few small stains. Still good+. $50.00

9 ) Crowley, Aleister. A Career for an Essay. [ca. 1905] 4 page booklet (single large page folded over) 4to. in size. First page mentions the essay competition, second page lists the works of Aleister Crowley. The back page is perforated and mentions the Traveller’s edition of The Collected Works. With a form to send in. On the last page which could be folded to be the outward facing covers are the very humorous “The Chance of the Year! The Chance of the Century!! The Chance of the Geologic Period” etc. J.F.C. Fuller was presumed to be the only person to take up Crowley on this offer and his work “The Star in the West” would be published in Small tears to one of the fold else very good+. Scarce. $200.00

10) Crowley. The Complete Astrological Writings. 1988. Duckworth. 8vo. Cloth bound in jacket. 224 pp. A few very light pencil notes. Otherwise a very good + copy in jacket. $40.00

11) Crowley. The Complete Astrological Writings. 1974. Tandem. Mass Market paperback. 235 pp. Old price sticker to the front cover, some light wear, pages are browned as is typical. Good+ $15.00

12) Crowley. Diary of a Drug Fiend. 1970. Dove Press/ Weiser. 8vo. Cloth bound. 368 pp. A lovely very good copy in same jacket. $100.00

13) Crowley. The Equinox. Volume 1 no. 2. 1909. Simpkin Marshall, Hamilton, Kent and Co.: London. FIRST EDITION. 4to. 397 pp. Some light cover wear. Spine label is chipped but about 90% present. A very good copy in protective clear acetate cover of notoriously fragile books. $300.00

14) Crowley. The Equinox. Volume 1 no. 2. 1909. Simpkin Marshall, Hamilton, Kent and Co.: London. FIRST EDITION. 4to. 331 pp. + 74 pp. Some light cover wear. Spine label is chipped and mostly gone. A few small light stains. A good+ copy in protective clear acetate cover of notoriously fragile books. $275.00

15) Crowley. The Holy Books of Thelema. 1990. Weiser: York Beach. 8vo. Trade paperback. 270 pp. One of the original early printing, done on high quality paper with sewn binding. A very good copy. $75.00

16) Crowley. The Law is for All: The Authorized Popular Commentary to the Book of the Law. (edited by Louis Wilkinson and Hymenaeus Beta). 1996. New Falcon: Tempe AZ. First edition thus. 8vo. Trade paperback. 302 pp. Some light general wear. A good+ copy. $60.00

17) Crowley. A Letter. Original letter hand written on both sides by Aleister Crowley. It is addressed to a Mr. Schwartz and discussing a bibliography that Schwartz is compiling and then proceeds to talk about having a book properly published and requesting money to be able to get to the US. Though not dated the letters appears to the from the 1930’s. It is written on Hyde Park Hotel stationary but that is crossed out and the BCM/ ANKH postal address is written at the top of the letter. Folded otherwise in excellent condition. $600.00

18) Crowley. Liber Aleph. No date (ca. 1972) Level Press. Folio, trade paperback. 219 pp. Good only, with previous owner’s signature. Printed on green paper. $50.00

19) Crowley. Liber Pyramidos sub figura 671. No date (2016) Hellfire Club. Linited to 50 only sets, this numbered 24. 5 separate volumes, four bound in ¼ burgundy goat skin on green cloth. The other which states limitation is burgundy cloth. A lavish publication that contains the text of Liber Pyramidos, plus a commentary, and introduction. Along with a full color photographic reproduction of Kenneth Anger’s personal TS. All contained in burgundy goat and green cloth slip case. A fine set. $200.00

20) Crowley. Magick without Tears. 1989. Falcon Press: Las Vegas. 8vo. Trade paperback. 528 pp. Previous owners stamp to the back inside cover. Some light cover wear, with a single spine crease. A good copy. $60.00

21) Crowley. Moonchild. 1974. Sphere: London. Mass market paperback. Part of the Dennis Wheatley library of the occult. 301 pp. Some light cover wear, pages browned as is typical given the format. $10.00

22) Crowley. Moonchild. [1970] Dove Press. 8vo. 335 pp. A lovely near fine copy in same jacket. $100.00

23) Crowley. White Stains. No date (ca. 1970) Earth Religions Supplies: New York. 8vo. 118 pp. Some light discoloration to the page edges else a very good+ copy. Bound in grey cloth with white lettering to the front cover. Earth Religions Supplies would eventually become the world famous Magickal Childe. $75.00

24) Crowley. The World’s Tragedy. 1985. New Falcon: Tempe, AZ. 8vo. Trade paperback. 114 pp. A very good copy. $20.00

25) Crowley. Your Interest in Magick. No date (ca. 1934) broadsheet, A single page with wonderful picture of Crowley. Includes address to write to Crowley related to learning Magick with many references to Magick in Theory and Practice. Folded small tears at the fold with a little bit of edge wear. Very good-. $150.00

26) Crowley related] Newman, Paul. Aleister Crowley and the Cult of Pan. 2004. Greenwhich Exchange. 8vo. Trade paperback. A literary critique of Crowley’s corpus. A very good+ copy. $10.00

27) [Crowley related] Hutchinson, Roger. Aleister Crowley: The Beast Demystified. 1998. Mainstream Publishing: Edinburgh and London. First edition. Hardcover in jacket. A very good + copy in same jacket. $20.00

28) [Crowley related] Stephensen, P.R. and Israel Regardie. The Legend of Aleister Crowley. 1970. Llewellyn: St. Paul. 8vo. Trade paperback. First printing of this second revised edition. Some cover wear and small spine split near the bottom edge. A good copy. $10.00

29) Crowley, Amado. The Riddles of Aleister Crowley. 1992. First edition. Diamond Books. 8vo. Trade paperback. 187 pp. A very good copy. Amado has claimed to be Aleister Crowley’s son but this has been largely contested. $15.00

30) Levenda, Peter. The Dark Lord: H.P. Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant and the Typhonian Tradition in Magic. 2013. Ibis Press. First edition 8vo. Cloth bound in jacket. 330 pp. A very good copy in same jacket. $20.00

31) Regardie, Israel. An Interview with Israel Regardie: His Final Thoughts and Views. 1985. Falcon Press: Phoenix. First edition. Trade paperback. 144 pp. A very good copy. $10.00

32) Regardie. Letter concerning the various editions of the Commentaries of the Book of the Law. This is an interesting letter sent by Israel Regardie in an envelope addressed by him to Carl Weshcke, the one time owner of Llewellyn publications. The contents consists of two photo copy letters one is a review by Vivienne Smith on the three editions that were released at that time. Namely the Motta/ Weiser edition, Grant and Symonds and The Law is for All that Regardie was involved in. In addition there is a copy of a letter that Regardie wrote to Jim Wasserman who was involved with the Motta/ Weiser edition. Critiquing the other two editions and those that were involved with them. “Copy” written at the head of the letter with the date of Feb 3 1975 stamped in red. The envelope shows it to have been mailed in 1976. Presumably as part of other correspondence on the matter. Some wear and folding and smudging to the side of the letter to Wasserman. $75.00

33) Webb, William. Q.B.L.H.: Liber XIII. The Alchemy of Regeneration by the Use of the Concurse of the Creative Forces of the Tree of Life and Death. 1978. QBLH Publications. 8vo. Stapled wraps. 54 + 26 pp. Some cover wear, good+ overall condition. Scarce. $75.00 Documents related to the Universal Brotherhood The following documents are all original and relate to the Universal Brotherhood. An occult organization that Frater Achad became the leader of and to which he injected some Thelemic teachings and drew heavily from Thelemite circles to attract members to their work. Their writings are often obscure and the system of the Order incredibly complex. Martin Starr has written some on them in The Unkown God and there is also an excellent essay published by Frater Taos in “Success is your Proof” a book released to celebrate 100 years of OTO in North America. They used extensive code around authors of the letters and documents so it is often hard to tell who anyone person might be.

34) Document: First or Open Obligation. A copy of the First Obligation signed by William Press [?] Two page obligation filled out by Presson and administered by “Oxcil Immanuel Westerbury” in 1908 making it a fairly early UB document and one much before the involvement of Jones who signed the same in 1922. Very good condition with light wear, and folds from being mailed. $75.00

35) Document: “Process of Deductive Reasoning Illustrated in Strict Scholastic Form”. Author unknown. There is a hand written number of “8273” on the top of the document and “904939” written in red at the bottom of each page. 17 pp. long typed carbon. $100.00

36) Document: “Tonic Quarenda on the Universal Philosophy” by G.R.H. Responsa by C.S.J.” Presumably the responsa is by Charles Standsfeld Jones (Frater Achad). Carbon typescript. 15 pages, in excellent condition. $150.00

37) Letter: This letter is on Collegium Pansophicum in America letter head and is addressed to “4[Taurus]e 449 of the D.C. for purposes of a secret record only. It discusses the relationship of The Unitive Circle No. One of the Collegeium Pansophicum with the UB, which is just simply abbreviated “m.” in the letter. It shows an address as being Washington D.C. and was written in “Anno C.R. 558” or 1936. The letter also talks about this dating system based on the birth of Christian Rosenkreuz. Letter is signed as 44°. 4 pp., typed. With original paper clip. The first page has some discoloring that has obscured some of the type but it is still readable. $75.00

38) Letter: A single page letter from C.S. Jones written to “Dear Bhatri Nayika”. The letter opens by apologizing for neglecting them and then says “Have got into magical current connected with this first Equinox since death of A.C.” Of course a reference to Crowley. Letter dated March 22nd, 1948. Signed with Sanskrit motto and has a hand written “enclosed” in Achad’s hand. $150.00

39) Letter: A single page hand written letter that I believe is from Achad’s principle student John P. Kowal to Jones, addressed “Dear Father” with a letter that was forwarded wherein that writer looks to be withdrawing from the UB. Date unclear, but we can make out 24 [Sagittarius] on the date line. $50.00

40) Letter: Another single page hand written letter believed to be from Kowal and addressed “Dear Father” i.e. to Achad. Discusses some administrative things, like status on copying material etc. $40.00

41) Letter: From Kowal to Jones, addressed to “Beloved Father”. Makes internal references to the death of George the V so is probably ca. 1936. 4 pages handwritten. Last page has “8” at the top but it still appears complete. On examining other letters they give the 4th page the number 8 and then continue in sequence from there. $50.00

42) Letter: Another one presumed from Kowal to Jones addressed “Beloved Father”. 5 pages handwritten. Talks of dreams and other experiences related to his work within the UB. $75.00

43) Letter: Kowal to Achad addressed “Beloved Father”. Question related to development of an “Araka” then goes on to discuss other administrative concerns. $50.00

44) Letter: Kowal to Jones, addressed “To the Very Woshipful VAJRASATTVA Guru, Master of the D.M.T.” also dated 1938 on the top of the letter. Largely on administrative issues with updates of various work being done. 5 pages hand written. 75.00

45) Letter: Kowal to Jones, addressed “To VAJRASATTVA Guru, Master of the D.M.T.” Date encoded. 6 pages handwritten. Makes some mention of personal matters but mostly on various administrative UB issues and some technical in regards to UB papers etc. Small remnant of rust from paperclip, else very good. $75.00

46) Letter: Achad [?] addressed to “Tarasvata, Nayika and Tadsmala” Single page letter typed and signed in Sanskrit. Mostly expresses apologies for not having written sooner but also congratulates the three on their progress. Dated November 13th, 1942. In very good condition with folds from mailing. $50.00

47) Letter: Addressed to “My dear Camusananda” Header reader “Twelfth Assembly”. 2 pages, typed. Some wear to the edges. Updates on various students and work being done $50.00

48)Letter: Not signed. 2 pages typed. Addressed to “My Beloved Son” and includes rather interesting internally issues related to the member Bhaktijaya with a few references to “Alcyon” [Jones]. Letter is dated in UB code in hand to the top of the letter and has “Anok file” written in pencil to the side. Not signed. Small remnants of staple to the upper left side otherwise in very good condition. $40.00

49) Letter: From the Master of the Silver Iosome to Pacena, Paleastrisch of Vesica. An admonitory letter that talks quite a great deal about UB procedure by indicating how this student is not living up to his obligations. Four pages typed on gray paper. Remnants of rust from old paper clip. Red hand written encoded date to the top of the letter. Also with a follow up letter addressed to the same person signed Adyton Alcyon, meaning it could be Jones as he used Alcyon as a motto. This letter is more agreeable so the response must have been a good one. There is discussion of the proper symbols to use on correspondence that include a couple of hand drawn illustrations. Remnants of rust from an old paperclip else very good. For both letters $100.00

If you’re interested in any of these goodies contact

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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