LaMonte Young’s “Trio For Strings” as it “Should have been, can be and will be.”

Discussing the latest iteration of his 1958 composition “Trio For Strings” with the New York Times pioneering Minimalist LaMonte Young said: “It’s the way it really should have been, and can be, and will be.” HELLO!

Young was an important member of the Fluxus ( movement, an arts scene that stressed cross-disciplinary work and that influenced, and was influenced in turn by a New York City underground arts world that included Yoko Ono, seminal filmmaker Jack Smith, George Maciunas, film distributor/preservationist Jonas Mekas, poet/filmmaker Ira Cohen, art-polymath/magician/EGC Bishop Harry Smith and Angus MacLise.

MacLise played with Young’s Theater of Eternal Music and left with viola player John Cale to help found the Velvet Underground; MacLise also co-founded a publishing house with Ira Cohen printing works of experimental poetry, prose and art, often with spiritual themes. He also had a trio with Hymenaeus Beta, Father Yod’s Jam Band.

There was a clear overlap between the burgeoning magical community and the art world at this place and time (reading through Equinox Volume III, No. 10 and American Magus — a collection of essays about Smith — makes the overlap clear).

In recent memory, OTO members did guerilla several rituals at Young’s Dream House ( and on one occasion, LaMonte walked in on one, looked around, nodded and walked out grinning.

Read the entire NY Times piece:

Lamonte Young

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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