Kaaba Will Be Covered With 120kg of Gold…Not The One Being Convened by OTO in Atlanta

arabnews.com reports:

“The time of the year has come for the annual tradition of sewing the Kiswa, the cover of the Kaaba. In a specialized factory, built as per orders of the late King Abdul Aziz in 1346 Hijri, 150 trained employees are involved in the work…

“The Kiswa is made of pure silk that is dyed black, and it takes about 700kg of pure silk to weave the Kiswa,” he explained. Different inscriptions and expressions are woven into the fabric using verses from the Holy Qur’an with gold thread.
The 14-meter-long Kiswa is embroidered with 120kg of gold and 25kg of silver threads.”

read the entire story here http://www.arabnews.com/saudi-arabia/news/802236



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